What is Australian Rules Football?




In Australian rules football or Aussie rules, 2 teams of 18 players compete to score points by kicking an oval-shaped ball through a set of goalposts located at either end of a large oval shaped field. teammates pass the ball by either kicking it or punching it off their palm, but not by throwing it. if A player that catches the ball kicked by any other player, they earn an unimpeded free kick , but otherwise play is mostly continuous. Players can tackle the opposition to stop their progress and to try to win the ball. Play in the game is free flowing and moves forward, backward, and around all 360 degrees of the field without offsides. Kicking the ball through the middle goal posts earns 6 points, while kicking it through the side posts earns 1 point. At the end of the game, the team with the most points wins. Aussie Rules is played professionally in Australia where 18 teams compete in the AFL, the Australian Football League.