Cameron excited by 'bold' Giants' American dream

GREATER Western Sydney's idea of playing a home-and-away fixture in the US remains a long way from becoming reality, but the bold plan has the backing of coach Leon Cameron.

Reports in The Age on Monday revealed that the Giants have held talks with the AFL about taking a home game to the US in the future, with potential opponents and a venue yet to be discussed in any great detail. 

A suitable ground would be the biggest obstacle for the League if they went ahead with the plan. 

The state of California looks to be the most preferred given its proximity to the eastern states of Australia, but the USAFL has over 40 teams spread across the country and any match would no doubt draw plenty of support from expats living in the US. 

GWS already has a relationship with a USAFL team in Irvine, California, a city about an hour south-east of Los Angeles. 

Formerly the Orange County Bombers, the club was relaunched as the OC Giants earlier this year.

Cameron said although discussions were only at the preliminary stage, the idea of taking a Giants game overseas was an exciting one.  

"We haven't been shy in wanting to promote our club in different ways, we take three games a year to Canberra, and you've got to look at all opportunities for a young club," he said on Wednesday.

"The thing I like about our club is that we're bold and we want to be aggressive in not only promoting the game, but our footy club. 

"We've got some really good connections in America and we're really lucky in that way, and the AFL clearly likes to grow the game as well. 

"Our club is willing to have those discussions and the AFL is keen to have them as well, so where that leads to I don't really know, but it's great to be a part of."

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